How does the Tuncurry Lakes Resort Timeshare function?

Tuncurry Lakes Resort is managed by the Tuncurry Lakeside Village Co-operative Society Limited (the Co-operative) on behalf of the Co-operative’s 600 members.  To become a member of the Co-operative it is necessary to hold a minimum of one of the 600 issued shares in the Co-operative.

What is the Co-operative?

The Co-operative holds a long-term lease on the property and improvements known as Tuncurry Lakes Resort.  That lease is in operation until 2077 and the Co-operative holds the option to extend that lease, if desired, for another 99 years to 2176.

The 600 members of the Co-operative have the right to use Tuncurry Lakes Resort as laid out in the By-Laws of the Co-operative.  (For full details of the TUNCURRY LAKESIDE VILLAGE CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED BY-LAWS click on the link below.)

Click here to download the By-Laws.

How much time can be spent at the Resort?

Members of the Co-operative receive the right to use the accommodation and facilities at TLR for a designated amount of time in each 12 month period (time year).  Unused time is not cumulative and is extinguished at the end of each time year.  The annual time allocation for each share is:

  • 28 days in the Unit accommodation (a maximum of 14 days of the 28 days can be used during the designated Peak Time periods).
  • 17 days in the Camping area (a maximum of 7 days of the 17 days can be used during the designated Peak Time periods).

The dates when accommodation may be used are completely flexible but are, of course, subject to vacancy.  If booking requests for a Peak Time period are in excess of the time available in that period, allocation is made on each member’s past booking history and/or a ballot in order to share the time equally and fairly among members.

Annual Levies

Each member of the Co-operative pays an annual maintenance levy and an annual capital levy, similar to those of a strata plan.  The annual levies are determined by members at the Annual General Meeting of the Co-operative.  The levies fund an annual budget which operates and maintains the Resort on behalf of the members and provides for replacement of major capital items.

Management of the Resort

Members elect a Board of Directors of the Co-operative.  Each of the seven directors is elected for a two year period.  Three directors retire during one year and the remaining four directors retire during the next year, in rotation.  Retiring directors are eligible for re-election.

The day to day management and operations of the Resort are undertaken by a two person management team, together with full-time and part-time employees of the Resort.

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